Econ 301

Question 1: How much do you think the tax revenue will be for the next year?



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Ch4 data eviews file

Eviews handout

Cigarette data wf1

Lab Assignment # 1 (Fill the yellow cells)

Lab Assignment # 2 and data program; Ural Word, Ural Excel Ural Eviews.

Lab Assignment # 3

Lab Assignment # 4 data and Eviews††

Lab Assignment #4a and Eviews††

Lab Assignment 5 Eviews††

Lab Assignment 6 EviewsprogramII EEPS Assignment

Fall 2013 Midterm program1 program2

Lab Assignment # 7 data

Lab Assignment 8 dataText Data

Lab Assignment 9 data

Fall 2013 final program


Ch6 data eviews file


Assignment 1, data, program

Extension to Assignment 1

 Assignment 2, data, program

Assignment 3, data, program 

Assignment 4, data, program

Assignment 5, data, program

Assignment 6, data, program




Studentís t-distribution


Chi-Square Distribution

Durbin-Watson Statistics



Hamburger sale Excel Eviews

Additional Exercises