The keys are note to myself.  They are not 100% representative of the full answers.



Hypotheses Testing 1Doc Eviews Key

Dummy Variables 1 Doc Excel Eviews Key

Dummy Variables 2 Doc Eviews Key (Fall 2011 Midterm III)

Hetorcedasticity 1 Doc Eviews


2014 Fall Midterm II for Q1 & Q2

2012 Fall Midterm II and Eviews

2012 Spring Midterm III Eviews1 Eviews2 Key

2012 Spring Midterm II Eviews Key

2012 Spring Midterm I Key

2011 Fall Midterm III Eviews Key

2011 Fall Midterm II questions Eviews file

2011 Fall  Midterm 1

2011 Spring Midterm II questions  Question 1 is for hypotheses testing; question 2 for Hetorcedasticity

2011 Spring Final exam questions  question 1 for Hetorcedasticity; question 2 for Instrumental variables; question 3 for Autocorrelation Key

2010 Fall Final exam questiosns Data set Q1 is for Hetorcedasticity; Q2 is for Autocorrelation; Q3 is for Instrumental variable

2010 Fall Midterm II exam questiosns Q1 is for Hetorcedasticity; Q2 is for hypotheese testing